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BBC iPlayer in Germany

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Get BBC iPlayer in Germany – the easy way

The Internet allows users to be more connected than ever before, allowing access to BBC iPlayer even when in Germany.  The technology has now evolved to the point that traditional boundaries and governmental strangleholds on content are impotent at best. This makes it one of the best times to access the brilliant shows and content coming out of the BBC, even if you don’t live there.

Watch BBC iPlayer in Germany in 2 easy steps

1.  Connect to a UK-based VPN.  We personally like VPN Authority ( for their customer service and ease of setup.

2.  Go to BBC iPlayer website and start streaming.  It’s that easy.


Getting the BBC iPlayer in Germany is not as difficult as it may seem. First, the user has to understand that many countries, because of networking laws with the national broadcasting companies, are not allowed to offer open access to anyone or everyone regardless of their country of origin. However, in most countries where the Internet is not heavily regulated, the advent of VPN (virtual private networks) have made possible, and legal, the access of content, like BBC iPlayer for Germany, from other countries by those who are not nationals.

A VPN allows a user to get the BBC iPlayer in Germany, even if they don’t live there.  They achieve this by using the VPN to assign a proxy address to the IP address. This may sound strange at first, but the VPN masks the real IP address and assigns an address that looks as if you are in the UK, instead of in Germany.  Then, you are allowed to subscribe and upload the BBC iPlayer in Germany.

Finding a VPN that will allow you to get BBC iPlayer in Germany can be a bit tricky, though.  Not all VPN services offer the same quality or programs. Even the software can vary from one company to the next. What you want to look for are the companies that offer a streaming VPN service.  Streaming VPN services are affordable and are absolutely the way to go to watch the BBC iPlayer in Germany uninterrupted.  Without the ease and capacity load of a streaming VPN it is highly likely that the feed will pause often to rebuffer itself. Sometimes, and usually in the middle of a good movie, the entire thing will lock up and freeze.  This does not happen when you stream the BBC iPlayer in Germany using a streaming VPN service, at all.  You can even get BBC iPlayer in Australia.

Additionally, the best VPN services tend to be more secure. Avoid at all costs the free VPN services that are out there as they don’t deliver the quality that you’d want when using the BBC iPlayer in Germany.  The free services usually have ad supported programs built in which take away from the actual bandwidth, making the transmission of your BBC iPlayer in German, slow or non-existent.  Some very good streaming VPN services offer free trials, and if you are unsure about getting your BBC iPlayer in Germany via a streaming VPN, this might be the best way to see if you like it before committing fully.