BBC iPlayer outside the UK

BBC iPlayer outside the UK

The BBC iPlayer allows you to watch many of the BBC shows on the web. Unfortunately for us, BBC does not allow users outside the UK to watch these shows for some unusual reason. Luckily there’s a way around this no matter WHERE you are in the world (including the US, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Canada, China, Italy, etc.).

“Not available in your area”

There are many sites recommending different software to use, but having tried many ways, this is the one I’ve found that works using Windows and Firefox / Internet Explorer / Safari: (note, you can also use instructions below to watch other content blocked from viewing within the US, or even to watch content only allowed in the US when you are abroad)

Not available in your area

The following two steps will allow you to stream immediately without having to see that message.

Getting BBC iPlayer in the USA – the easy way in 2 steps!

To access BBC iPlayer in the US, just do the following:

Step 1. Subscribe to a UK-based VPN.

Editor’s note: Of all the VPNs, I personally like VPN Authority. They are easy to use with excellent customer service and great speeds. Don’t believe me? Try their 2-day free trial.

Step 2. Connect to the UK server and that’s it! Welcome to BBC iPlayer in the US! You can now enjoy streaming TV and Radio from our favourite BBC.

Now, I can get my fill of BBC iplayer to watch my favorite UK programming. This also means you can access BBC one, BBC two, BBC Three, BBC four and of course my favorite BBC HD. Happy BBC iplayer -ing!

There you go – now, when you have VPN Authority running (I just keep it up in the background), whenever you go to the iPlayer site, you’ll be able to watch any UK-based websites and videos.